Not Through Indianola But Via Ohio I Will Get There

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My mother was born in a small German vilalge just outside of Heidelberg. Her family has owned the house she was born in since 1849 to this very day. 

As the family story goes, in the 1840s many people from Germany immigrated to Texas leaving on ships from Hamburg to Indianola, Texas.  Many of those settled in central Texas and wrote letters back home.  Fast forward to 1960 in Heidelberg where my mother was working a a bar maid in a a pub.

My father was an American GI that met her at that pub. He was from Ohio. They got married in 1961 and she moved back with him to Ohio (Youngstown area). After living there until 1974, due to the economic downturn in that area, my father moved the family to Houston, Texas.

In 1979 my partents were divorced and in 1981 my mother remarried. The man's family that she married had a ranch just outside of Brenham, Texas. That is where she has lived for close to 40 years now. She is 84 years old and loves Texas. She did not get there like the other German settlers, but she got there. 

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