Student Activity Guides

Printable material for Bullock Museum films and exhibitions

Museum activity guides relate to films and exhibitions and support the Texas curriculum.

Use the links below to explore materials that will encourage conversation and help your students discover history, science, and culture.


Activity Guides

Activity guides help students focus on specific topics and skills during their Museum visit.

Grades K-3

This activity guide prompts students to find personal connections, make comparisons, analyze artifacts, and reach creative decisions in the galleries. The guide takes approximately 45 minutes to complete at the Museum.

Grades 4-7

This activity guide leads students through the Museum in six activities that analyze artifacts and exhibitions, focusing on how jobs and industry shaped Texas over time. The guide takes approximately one hour to complete at the Museum.

All Grade Levels

Artifact Adventure
Send your students on an adventure to find an artifact in the museum, and learn how to analyze it like a historian.

Find and Sketch
As they visit the Museum galleries, your students become artists by sketching artifacts that represent thematic topics. Later, enjoy using their sketches in various ways in your classroom.

Museum Rotunda Mosaic Search
Head up the Grand Staircase to the third floor Rotunda, and look down. Using the Mosaic in the Rotunda floor, students will explore the history of Texas and learn the importance of a detailed examination of artifacts.

Photo Scavenger Hunt
Students use their analyzing and photography skills with this activity as they explore the Museum exhibits. Future activities using their creative photos are limitless.

Resources for Special Exhibitions

Enhance your students' experience with these activity guides and classroom resources to accompany the latest special exhibitions on view at the Museum.

Purchased Lives: The American Slave Trade from 1808-1865

On View February 11, 2017-July 9, 2017

Purchased Lives: The American Slave Trade from 1808 to 1865 examines the lives of individuals intertwined in the domestic slave trade by exploring slavery’s reach beyond New Orleans and Galveston, beyond Texas, beyond the South, and into the very fabric of America. The exhibition from the Historic New Orleans Collection uses first-person testimonies and original artifacts to explore how human beings were forced across the country, fought to resist enslavement, and how human lives became a primary currency of America’s pre-Civil War economy.

Lesson Plans:

Primary Sources:

Downloads for Films

Both the Texas Spirit Theater, a multi-sensory experience, and the IMAX® Theatre offer a memorable and fun way to understand history, science, and culture. Want to enrich your students' experience in the theater? Use these downloads to accompany films currently on view with activities in the classroom before or after your trip to the Museum.


National Parks Adventure 3D

The U.S. National Park Service turns 100 years old in 2016, marking a major milestone in the preservation of America’s wild, untamed spaces. National Parks Adventure 3D brings the magnificence of these landscapes to the giant screen and inspires students to learn and care about America's natural treasures while covering social studies and map skills, life, earth and physical sciences, geology and weather patterns, and language arts in the classroom.

A Beautiful Planet

Our world– a magnificent blue planet, dotted with clouds and gleaming in the sunlight– is changing. From space, Earth is ablaze at night with the electric intensity of human habitation. It is within our power to protect the planet, and while we continue to explore our galaxy, we also develop a deeper connection to the place we all call home. A Beautiful Planet presents a breathtaking visualization of our world and a hopeful look into the future of humanity.

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