Student Activity Guides

Printable material for Bullock Museum films and exhibitions

Activity Guides for Museum Exhibits.

We suggest selecting one or more Activity Guides for Museum Exhibits that you would like to use with your students on a field trip, then print them, and distribute amongst chaperones and students. Not sure which one might be best for your group's field trip length and content focus? Contact for assistance. Use the links below to explore materials that will encourage conversation and help your students discover history, science, and culture. 

Activity Guides

Activity guides help students focus on specific topics and skills during their Museum visit.

All Grade Levels

Making a Living Activity Guide
What jobs have Texans done over time, and how has the state’s geography influenced which industries grew here? How have trade and new industries shaped the economy of Texas? Find out by using the Making a Living Activity Guide. Explore the Texas History Galleries, looking closely at the artifacts and following the guide as it leads your students through six activities in the museum.

Artifact Adventure
Send your students on an adventure to find an artifact in the museum, and learn how to analyze it like a historian.

Find and Sketch
As they visit the Museum galleries, your students become artists by sketching artifacts that represent thematic topics. Later, enjoy using their sketches in various ways in your classroom.

Museum Rotunda Mosaic Search
Head up the Grand Staircase to the third floor Rotunda, and look down. Using the Mosaic in the Rotunda floor, students will explore the history of Texas and learn the importance of a detailed examination of artifacts.

Photo Scavenger Hunt
Students use their analyzing and photography skills with this activity as they explore the Museum exhibits. Future activities using their creative photos are limitless.

Downloads for Films

The IMAX® Theatre offers a memorable and fun way to understand history, science, and culture. Want to enrich your students' experience in the theater? Use these downloads to accompany films currently on view with activities in the classroom before or after your trip to the Museum.

Turtle Odyssey

This film explores the unique life cycle of an Australian green sea turtle named Bunji and her journey across the open ocean. Follow Bunji from a hatchling into adulthood as she swims thousands of miles, meets incredible creatures and has some really wild encounters. She will eventually migrate back to the very beach where she was born--to lay her own eggs that are the foundation of the next generation. Researchers trek though these same aquatic wonderlands, encountering the majestic corals of the Great Barrier Reef and breathtaking breaching whales. Turtle Odyssey gives a prime example for students about how interconnected we all are with the ocean. The Tennessee Aquarium has produced a suite of educational materials to stimulate interest in marine conservation and exploration in elementary and middle school children and families. 

Into America's Wild

From rugged coast to mystifying desert, from soaring forest to buzzing city, Into America’s Wild reveals the unbreakable human-nature bond in action. A Native American astronaut’s mind is awe-struck when he spies our earth on a daring mission aboard the International Space Station. Clinging to a Utah hillside, scientists discover one of the world’s largest organisms, a golden-hued grove of aspens all connected at the root, revealing the power of unity. These are just some of the unforgettable moments in a film that takes students to see natural treasures, both far-flung and right in our backyards. The guides in the film, groundbreaking Native American astronaut John Herrington and Alaskan bush pilot and youth advocate Ariel Tweto, share a passion for connecting students with experiences in the wild.

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