Vietnam on Tape

A Texas Story Podcast

A 50-year-old cassette recording unravels a Vietnam veteran's story of disappearing history, life-long friendship, and reconnection. Join the Bullock Museum for the second season of the Texas Story Podcast.  

Episodes in this five-piece series were released weekly December 13, 2019 through January 10, 2020.


Episode 1: Inheritors
Published December 13, 2019. 20:41 | Listen on Apple Podcasts


Episode 2: Little Groups of Neighbors
Published December 20, 2019. 20:46 | Listen on Apple Podcasts


Episode 3: Golden Hour
Published December 27, 2019. 15:29 | Listen on Apple Podcasts

Episode 4: Hot Hoist
Published January 3, 2020. 20:12 | Listen on Apple Podcasts 

Episode 5: Reckoning and Reunion
Published January 10, 2020. 17:42 | Listen on Apple Podcasts

Ray Miller in Vietnam audio excerpt is courtesy of KPRC-TV and provided by Texas Archive of the Moving Image.

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