John Diedrich Monsee

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My great-grandfather, Dietrich Monsees, at age 17 came from Bremen, Germany in 1869 along with his parents.

He was born in France circa 1851 and moved to Bremen becuase it was a "free town". He later immigrated to Iowa. John (Johann) spoke four languages. His father was French and his mother, Spanish. He spoke German and English as well. John married my great-grandmother, Bertaha Maller, on February 21,1877, a 20-year-old immigrant from Prasdorf, Schleswig-Holststein, Germany. Bertha was born April 26, 1857. John and Bertha moved to Avoca, IA where he worked as a farm laborer. My grandmother, Louisa Catherina Monsees was born here on Januray 11, 1878. Her sibling, Johanna Wilherlmine Helena, was born June 14, 1880 before the young family move to Ottorcreek, IA. On August 24, 1882 a son, Gustav Peter was born.  Bertha died July 20, 1886 at age 26 leaving Dietrich with the three children. Gustav died in 1889 at age 7. Dietrich left his two daughters with their aunt and joined the Texas Rangers cira 1889. It was said he took a second wife who was Native American. I would love to know more of these years in Texas. I have no other records from this time of his life or if he had additional children there. He eventually returned to Iowa and took a fourth wife after the passing of his second and third spouses.  

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