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My father, Gil Lamb, moved our family to Muleshoe in 1956 to become the host of the Muletrain news. He hosted the show on Muleshoe’s radio station from 1954 to 1980 and moved the show to television in the 1980s.

He set up his television station because the Muleshoe Heritage Foundation was trying to save the Janes Ranch House.  Ida McMurtry Barnett lived in house from 1952 to 1971. In the interview, Ida talks with me about the house, the area ranches, and ranchers Johnny McMurtry, Ewing Halsell, and John Janes. She also talks about the family reunion which inspired her husband's nephew, Larry McMurtry, to write the story, Take My Saddle from the Wall. 

The house was preserved and was relocated to Muleshoe Heritage Center. Although my father has passed away, my family continues to help preserve Muleshoe's history by recording and airing interviews on Channel 6.

Magann Rennels is the owner/on-air personality for Gil Lamb Advertising/Channel 6, which covers Muleshoe area news, weather, and sports on cable.

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