From Nigeria to Dallas

The Texas Story Project.

Before I came to America, I lived in Nigeria. I later moved to Texas when I was 5 years old. It was pretty nice. I got used to the surroundings and I thought everyone was rich because of the big city. surroundings were hard to get used to because of the big buildings and paved roads.

School didn't start for me until later. At first I was always staying at home and waiting for my parents to get home from work so we could do some things together. It was pretty lonely staying at home. I had my grandma stay with me, but I was still lonely. Now, my parents enrolled me at the school my mom was working at. So I spent some time with my mom while going to school. But eventually I started getting bullied at that school so my parents had to move to a different school.

I met a lot of people who I now call my friends. I really do enjoy Texas. It's a friendly place, with fun activities to participate in. I enjoy going to different places I've never been to.

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