How I Got to Texas

The Texas Story Project.

This is a story about my father.

He was born in Vietnam. Shortly after being born due to the Vietnam War, his parents had to leave the country. They boarded a very crowded ship,and his parents took him and his three siblings. They sailed to the Philippines. My grandma says it was a very dangerous journey. My grandfather, though, had to stay behind because he was in the military. My grandpa was very worried about my grandmother and his kids on their journey, but praise the Lord when they were reunited in the Philippines. From there they traveled to the United States as refugees. They ended up in Kansas like Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz. From there they moved to Texas because a church family had sponsored them. My grandparents, from there, moved to California to be closer to family. They stayed there for two years before they decided to move back to Texas because my grandpa got a job. My dad grew up here, and eventually met my mom. They had me and that's how I ended up in Texas.

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