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When I was 2 or 3 years old I came to a house in Texas and to this day I live in the same house. I never knew where I was born cause I have bad memory. Even though I don't know where I was born, I have had a lot of good times in Texas. I have been in a cabin, barbecue, and forests. I have had a lot of good memories and somehow I remember some of my good memories.

But not all memories are the best, everything changed after COVID. Now I have to wear masks but it's fine. I was doing online school but now I am in person instead of watching a screen all day. Also, a good part is none of my family have died of COVID and I got a lot of sleep. And I was still able to go on vacation.

Now I have been in the same house for 9 to 10 years. I have had a lot of fun in Texas. I was able to survive COVID. I hope in the future everything can turn out fine. So far everything has been fine for me and maybe in the future too. Even though I have never known where I was born I have had a lot of fun here and I can't wait for what will happen in the future

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