Collectors' Gallery: The Frank and Carol Holcomb Map Collection

Collections from private collectors in Texas

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Private collectors are integral to the preservation of history. Their dedication to collecting historical maps, documents, artifacts, and works of art ensures that the material evidence of the past is safeguarded for future generations. The Collectors' Gallery showcases the passion behind privately owned collections in Texas, featuring some of the finest treasures in the state. 

The Frank and Carol Holcomb Map Collection

The Frank and Carol Holcomb Map Collection consists primarily of Texas maps spanning from 1513 to 1904. With an emphasis on color and rarity, the maps are both art and historical images. All maps in the collection include the area that would become Texas, whether part of an undefined frontier on the North American continent, or the current boundaries. This exhibition focuses on landmark maps of Texas from 1646 to 1874, with the bulk of material showing the explosive growth of the region from 1830 to 1851, when Texas sovereignty changed three times in only 21 years.

In 2014, the Holcomb Collection was digitized by the Texas General Land Office with the intent that the collection be made available to the public.

Select Artifacts on View in the Exhibition

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