America divided according to the extent of its principal parts

L'Amerique, divisée selon l'etendue de ses principales parties by Nicolas de Fer

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This 1713 printing of a map by Nicolas de Fer features highly detailed scenes to promote the fortunes French fur trappers could make in the Americas.

The scenes illustrate the region’s abundant natural resources such as beaver pelts, lumber, sugar, and fish. Indigenous labor is shown in several illustrations to show another “natural resource” in the Americas. The two side panels describe the various regions including Louisiana, Florida, and the English colonies. The map also incorrectly shows California as an island.

Traditionally, the map is referred to as “The Beaver Map,” because of an inset that shows industrious beavers working in the American wilderness. When it was first published in 1698, it was the first map to include a vignette of beavers. The beaver scene shows dozens of industrious creatures against a backdrop of Niagara Falls.

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America divided according to the extent of its principal parts Artifact from Houston, Texas
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