Aransas County Map by Eltea Armstrong

Celebrating Gulf Coast wildlife

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Aransas County's reputation for coastal wildlife inspired map maker Eltea Armstrong as she hand-drew this map in 1947.

Armstrong's map calls attention to two aspects of the county's coastal resources. A yellow dotted line highlights the boundaries of the Aransas Migratory Waterfowl Refuge in the northeastern portion of the map. Now called the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, this 114,657-acre area includes woodlands, fresh and saltwater marshes, ponds, and coastal grasslands on the mainland as well as land on Matagorda Island. The Refuge provides winter roosts for over 300 species of birds and nearly 40 different mammals.

A colorful drawing of a spotted sea trout adorns the lower right corner. Also known as a speckled trout, this fish is abundant in the Gulf Coast waters of Aransas County and a favorite of coastal bend fishers.

In her nearly 40 years as a draftsman for the Texas General Land Office, Eltea Armstrong drew over 71 distinct Texas county maps. Each of Armstrong's county maps took approximately 900 work hours to complete as she patiently drew, inked, and lettered every survey by hand.

This map is on display in Mapping Texas, a special exhibition featuring maps from the Texas General Land Office.

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Aransas County Map by Eltea Armstrong Artifact from Aransas County
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