A General Map of North America

A thoroughly annotated map of the Americas by John Rocque

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This English map of North America was created by John Rocque and is considered to be one of the most accurate maps of the whole continent up to that point. Published in 1761 during the French and Indian War (1754‒1763), the map depicts the English colonies extending from the Atlantic to the Mississippi River.

It is heavily annotated with notes about treaties, geographical discoveries, and references to climate and crops. There are notes in the north western regions of the map where the cartographer admits his lack of knowledge with statements such as, “these parts are intirely [sp] unknown,” and “it is very uncertain whither this part is sea or land.” In the region of present-day Texas, an east-west road is shown that runs from Mexico City to Louisiana. There is also a note marking the location where La Salle was killed in 1687.

The map is also an example of women in cartography during the Age of Enlightenment. After John Rocque passed away, his wife, Mary Ann Rocque, published this map.

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A General Map of North America Artifact from Houston, Texas
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