Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston

Texas Spirit Theater | NR | 15 min. | Animation, Short, Biography

June 1 - August 22, 2017

Daniel Johnston stars in this psychedelic short film about an aging musician coming to terms with the dreams of yesteryear.

Join us June 1 - August 31, 2017 for an immersive short film and exhibition exploring the music, art and mind of Daniel Johnston, who is known for the iconic Austin street art of Jeremiah the Frog of Innocence on the corner of Guadalupe and 21st.

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Film Details

Rating: NR
Suggested age: 12+ due to adult content and intense scenes
Starring: Daniel Johnston
Director: Gabriel Sunday
Writers: Daniel Johnston, Gabriel Sunday
Runtime: 15 min.
Genre: Animation, Short, Biography
Release year: 2015

About Daniel Johnston

Daniel Dale Johnston is an aging (born 1961) songwriter/artist who gained considerable notoriety in the last twenty years as an outsider, indie music genius, beginning with his fledgling self-promotion on the streets of Austin, Texas in the early eighties. Whether people were listening or not, however, Daniel continued to produce hundreds of songs and art pieces, compulsively expressing a frank, painful, and heart-rending account of love, life, and loss that strikes a chord in the heart of thousands who hear him. He has a remarkable following of fans, most notably the late Kurt Cobain who often wore Daniel's "Hi How Are You" T-Shirt in public before his death, Matt Groenig of The Simpson's fame, David Bowie, and frankly a surprising list of key figures in the music and art world. Daniel has produced over twenty albums, as many singles, and his music is included on numerable compilations, movie sound tracks, and television commercials. He has appeared on MTV, traveled the world performing his music, had his art exhibited around the world including the Whitney Museum Of American Art, had several documentaries made about him - one a major motion picture - and there are several books available on his life.

"The sun don't shine in your TV." - song lyrics from The Story of An Artist by Daniel Johnston

About Gabriel Sunday

Gabriel declares Charlie Chaplin as his creative idol. At 12 he ran away with the circus to join Wavy Gravy's performing arts camp in Mendocino County. He grew up on stage and soon moved to LA to join up with David Lee Miller's Regenerate Films. Together they created My Suicide, an award winning teen suicide prevention film (Now on Netflix). Along with playing the lead Gabriel edited, produced and co-wrote. My Suicide won over 20 best picture awards including the Crystal Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and has become a cult hit. Currently Gabriel is creating shows at Dan Harmon's studio Starburns Industries (Rick and Morty, Anomolisa). In the summers Gabriel teaches at the circus performing arts camp where he grew up. Gabriel loves every aspect of storytelling and plans on making content till he dies.

The Art of Daniel Johnston

In addition to the film, visitors can see an art installation featuring illustrations between 1977 and 2005 by Daniel Johnston at the Bullock Museum. Offering a peek into the visual creativity of Johnston, these works are on view outside the Texas Spirit Theater, located on the museum's second floor.

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