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My Love Story

My name is Hope Rodriguez. I was born and raised in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. I grew up in a small home in the west side of San Antonio. I was always surrounded by family. I was taught at a very early in age to love and respect myself.

As I grew up I was very involved in the Catholic Church, always wanting to be active with the community. It was all about serving, giving, and loving those who needed to be simply heard. I felt so fortunate to have the unconditional love of my mother, father and brothers. 

As I reached an age where I was allowed to have a boyfriend, (senior in HS) I thought I was ready to experience another kind of love. It took years before I could experience that. I met my love in 1977 and I immediately knew he was the man I wanted to live the rest of my life with. We married eight months from the day we met. We had the same goals and beliefs in life. We used to enjoy going to Fiesta San Antonio and take long walks by the Riverwalk. We would go to church periodically at the Missions of San Antonio.

As the years went by, we experienced a new kind of love—the love of a parent as God blessed us with two beautiful daughters. We enjoyed taking them to the Brackenridge Park, Kiddie Park, Botanical Gardens, and the beautiful Majestic Theatre. We inspired in them our love of nature, culture, music, and everything that surrounded us. 

As the years went by, we experienced the bittersweet side of love—the loss of our loved ones. I lost the love of my life and my father who were my rocks. We learned that family sticks together through thick or thin. As all of us journey with them through their pain and suffering, we made sure they felt our unconditional love.

The advice I have for the youth of today is: You have to love yourself before you can love others. Never give up. And love conquers all.

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