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The best food in Texas is in Houston. It is very close to me, and some even say it's in my house. Well that's because it is, and it’s my mom's cooking. Although that may seem biased, it’s amazing. And if you try her recipes you will see what I mean.

1st. Ever since I had this at my brother's birthday, I've loved it. The famous Birthday Dinner Meatball Stew. It has become the birthday dinner for everyone, and it’s just so delicious the way the meatballs and rice are. They’re so good! Especially with the sauce we have, and the greens. But it’s not like normal sauce; it’s more of a brown sauce than anything else and it makes the meatballs brown too. It looks so good that I eat at least two bowls! Usually I have one before my mom has half! Even my grandmother wants to have it! If only it was Christmas already! My birthday is the 21st of December my sister’s is the 23rd of December, and my grandmother’s is the 8th of December so we are going to celebrate all of ours on my sister’s birthday, with Meatball Stew! When my grandmother has it for the first time it won't disappoint.

2nd. We have it during Christmas time. We had it a day after Thanksgiving and we are having it again on Christmas day! It's my mom's gumbo I can't get enough of it. It's so good. Some people say it's spicy but I think most salsas are more spicy, like the hot and medium Salsas. I guess I'm a true Cajun, even when we put more hot sauce in it. My mom makes sausage gumbo, not seafood gumbo. It has andouille sausage, chicken, rice, and greens. The smell is so amazing; it smells like smoked chicken and chicken broth. It's devine. It tastes exactly like it's smell but add rice and the spicey andouille and you are golden. I can't wait for Christmas because it's going to be great! I always look forward to  Christmas because it is such a wonderful time of year. There is nothing I don’t look forward to about Christmas.

3rd. Lastly (and we have it year round), my dad's hamburgers! I bet you thought it would be made by my mom, but no. For the longest time it was my favorite food in the world. Then the two before this came and stole first place. But the notorious hamburgers are always the best! I always get cheese, ketchup and tomato on my hamburgers, or some combination of those three. The cheese is always so melty and I just love ketchup. I love them because they are perfectly cooked.

Most dinners I have I can’t smell from upstairs, but I can definitely smell these three. My parents' cooking is so good, and so many people like all the things they make including steak, crawfish etouffee, tons of salads, salmon, and all sorts of other things. I can't express my feelings in words for my parents cooking. Don’t even get me started on my grandmothers cooking AND baking. Most amazing food ever!


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