Custom lowrider tricycle, “Holy Roller”

From bicycle to tricycle

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This bike frame represents three generations of Texas lowriders: Mike Alvarez Sr., Joe Anthony Alvarez, and Joe Anthony Alvarez Jr.

Mike and Joe Alvarez originally built this Western Flier bike in the 1990s when Joe was a teenager. The hand-painted and airbrushed murals on the frame are from the 90s and reflect the family’s deep Catholic faith.

When 12-year-old Joe Jr. started lowriding, he asked to use his dad’s bike frame but modified it to a tricycle. Joe Jr. has a rare medical condition called Mitochondrial Syndrome that requires him to adapt in unique ways. By turning his dad’s bicycle into a tricycle, he is able to continue the family legacy while having a lowrider bike that suits his needs. He and his dad added an air kit that allows the bike to move up and down via a switch and compressed air as well as custom and engraved parts in both gold and chrome.

The Alvarez family belongs to the San Antonio Chapter of the Brown Impressions Car Club and enjoys forging relationships with other car clubs to do community projects.

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Custom lowrider tricycle, “Holy Roller” Artifact from New Braunfels, TX
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