Notes before battle of San Jacinto, April 19, 1836

Sam Houston's thoughts on the upcoming battle

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Two days before the Battle of San Jacinto, Commander in Chief Sam Houston recorded his thoughts on the upcoming attack.

We will use our best efforts to fight the enemy to such advantage, as will insure [sic] victory, tho’ the odds is greatly against us. I leave the result in the hands of a wise God and rely upon his Providence.

This document is one of several copies Houston made and sent to various friends for safekeeping in case he did not survive the battle. He had waited in vain for reinforcements to bolster his 700 troops, but now felt the time was right to stand and fight. He is confident of success in his last line, writing, "The rights for which we fight will be secured, and Texas Free." 

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Notes before battle of San Jacinto, April 19, 1836 Artifact from San Jacinto, Texas
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