Donation Grant, 1838

Certificate for service

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Donation grants were issued by the Republic of Texas for participation in specific battles of the Texas Revolution. Soldiers who fought in the Siege of Bexar and the Battle of San Jacinto received certificates for their service. The heirs of those who fell at the Alamo and Goliad also received certificates. Most of these certificates were for 640 acres of land.

This certificate was awarded to George W. Hockley for “having fought at San Jacinto April 21, 1836.” Hockley had a long history with Sam Houston whom he first met in Washington D.C. when Houston was a Tennessee congressman and Hockley worked as a clerk.

When Houston was elected Governor of Tennessee in 1827, Hockley moved with him and then followed Houston to Texas after Houston was named commander-in-chief of the Texas army. Hockley was appointed chief-of-staff and headed up the artillery division at San Jacinto. In that role, Hockley commanded the cannons known as the Twin Sisters during the battle.

The land granted by this certificate to Hockley was in Travis County.

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Donation Grant, 1838 Artifact from Austin, Texas
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