Not Alone

Working Together in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

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Not Alone educates visitors about human trafficking and gives them a sense of hope and empowerment in combating the issue.

Human trafficking is one of the most significant issues facing communities today, yet it is commonly misunderstood and often undetected. In partnership with the Office of the Governor Criminal Justice Department and the Texas Human Trafficking Task Force, the Bullock Texas State History Museum is undertaking a unique project to raise awareness and prevent the further exploitation of individuals in Texas.

Trafficking is all around us, so you never really know who it’s happening to. But, if you can recognize it and the red flags, you may just save a life. Toni McKinley, trafficking survivor and advocate

The exhibit centers on a series of questions that guide visitors to understand what human trafficking is and explore the human stories and current landscape of sex and labor trafficking. Audiences will gain awareness of who can be a target, the tools and techniques traffickers use to target individuals and keep them captive, and the roles healthy relationships and social media play in trafficking.

Inside the Exhibition

This exhibition is geared toward empowering visitors to not just be bystanders, but upstanders in identifying trafficking and becoming advocates for themselves and others.

  • View a series of videos featuring trafficking survivors and advocates answering the exhibit’s guiding questions
  • Take home an art activity that promotes healthy self-esteem
  • Discover artifacts that reflect survivors’ stories of resilience, strength, and self-empowerment
  • Understand who’s affected, what makes someone vulnerable, and warning signs that someone is being trafficked
  • Learn about how traffickers lure people in and maintain control over them
  • Gain resources to assist those exploited and concrete steps of how to enlist aid

Lead Sponsorship by Nancy Ann and Ray L. Hunt. Major funding from the Texas Bar Foundation.

The Bullock Texas State History Museum is a division of the State Preservation Board. Additional support of exhibitions and programs is provided by the Texas State History Museum Foundation.