Not Alone

Working Together in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking is one of the most significant community issues facing the United States today. Not Alone empowers visitors to better understand, prevent, and combat the issue.

Featuring inspiring, first-person stories of resilience, strength and self-empowerment, Not Alone educates visitors about what sex trafficking and labor trafficking are, what grooming is, who can be a target, and how every individual can help to prevent these issues.

About the Exhibit: 

Geared toward enlightening and empowering youth and young adults, the exhibition centers on a series of questions that explore the history, human stories, and current landscape of human trafficking.

  • What is trafficking?
  • Who does trafficking affect?
  • How do healthy relationships prevent trafficking?
  • What role does technology and social media play?
  • What can I do? 

Original artifacts, informational graphics, video testimonials, an interactive puzzle, and a reflective art activity provide different ways to help youth and young adults understand that small actions by individuals make a difference.

Human trafficking turns people into property — a form of modern-day slavery. In partnership with the Office of the Governor Criminal Justice Department and the Texas Human Trafficking Task Force, the Bullock Texas State History Museum is undertaking a unique project to raise awareness and prevent the further exploitation of individuals in Texas.

Exhibition content, on-site programming, and outreach efforts will all empower visitors to be not just bystanders, but upstanders — identifying the risk factors and signs of trafficking, understanding what resources are available to assist those exploited, and providing concrete steps of how to enlist aid. Audiences will come away from the experience better able to recognize the signs of exploitation in order to become advocates for themselves, friends, schoolmates, and other individuals who may be at risk.

Lead Sponsorship by Nancy Ann and Ray L. Hunt. Major funding from the Texas Bar Foundation.

Support for the Bullock Museum's exhibitions and education programs is provided by the Texas State History Museum Foundation.