Rapid Response Backpack Kit

Aiding trafficked and at-risk youth

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Human rights organization Love146’s rapid response program provides information, safety planning, and referral services to youth identified as trafficked, exploited, or at high risk. During these sessions, youth are given a backpack filled with useful items. Some of these items meet immediate needs – like a blanket, hygiene products, and gloves – while others offer comfort and support – like a teddy bear, journal, and activity books.

Sex trafficking can happen to anyone, but there are certain characteristics that can make youth particularly vulnerable and increase their risk of being trafficked. These characteristics include homelessness or having an otherwise unstable living situation, history of sexual abuse and/or substance abuse, history with the foster care or juvenile justice systems, and identifying as LGBTQ+.

Love146 works to end child sex trafficking and exploitation in the United States, United Kingdom, and several countries in Southeast Asia and Africa through immediate and long-term survivor support and prevention education. Their programs are centered on survivor care, providing crisis intervention, legal assistance, therapy, life-skills training, and other services to help victims leave exploitative situations and navigate the difficult road of recovery. Love146 also provides prevention education for children and parents and/or caregivers as well as professional training for those who work with children.

If you need help or suspect human trafficking, contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888. You can also text "Help" or "Info" to 233733 or email Report@PolarisProject.org.

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Rapid Response Backpack Kit Artifact from Houston, Texas
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