Cowboys in Space and Fantastic Worlds

A journey through the history of Westerns in Science Fiction

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From Jules Verne's 1868 book, Trip to the Moon, Gene Autry's 1935 Phantom Empire, Star Trek, Star Wars, and on to a galaxy full of contemporary science fiction, visitors discover how the cowboy went from herding cattle on the Texas plains to flying spaceships around distant planets and fantastic worlds.

Inside the Exhibition

Spanning over 150 years of Western and Science Fiction history, this Bullock Museum original exhibition features over 100 artifacts including toys, rare comics, pulp magazines, novels, original art, and props from movie and television. Highlighting famous and infamous characters popular with visitors of all ages, the exhibition sheds light on the influence of frontier history and Westerns in Science Fiction.

  • Make your own Cowboys in Space comic book covers
  • Listen to your favorite Space Cowboy songs
  • Hear early Western and Science Fiction radio programs
  • Watch how the cowboy travels to space in Western and Science Fiction film and television clips
  • Hear the sounds of ray-guns, blasters, and phasers

Select Artifacts On View in the Exhibition

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