A Planet for Texans

Where Science Fiction meets the Texas frontier

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The genre of Science Fiction imagines space frontiers similar to those faced by cowboys in the Wild West. Vast and dangerous, with its rugged landscape, scarce resources, and sparse populations, settlers had to be tough to navigate the harsh environment in this lawless land. Not surprisingly then, the Texas frontier is prominent in Science Fiction.

 A Planet for Texans plays up Texas stereotypes. When Steven Silk, the newly appointed ambassador to New Texas, arrives at his post, he is welcomed with a barbecue held by gun-toting space pioneers with longhorn cattle the size of dinosaurs.

 The novel was first published in the March 1957 issue of Fantastic Universe as "Lone Star Planet" and first published in book form in 1958 as A Planet For Texans.

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A Planet for Texans Artifact from Austin
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