Watermelon Magic

IMAX® Theatre

March 1, 2016 - March 31, 2016

Format: 2D
Rating: NR
Suggested age: All ages
Director: Richard Hoffman
Writer: Richard Hoffman
Principal actors: Holly Hoffmann, Sylvie Green Hoffmann, Chris McNichol
Genre: Short/Family
Runtime: 30 minutes
Release date: 2014

Watermelon Magic is like no other film. It’s a sweet combination of story and science and is the first big screen film devoted one of our most basic human needs: healthy food.

This nearly wordless burst of color and music delights all audiences. Weaving together documentary and narrative elements, Watermelon Magic chronicles a season on a family farm as young Sylvie grows a patch of watermelons to sell at market. How will she let her babies go?

As the first big-screen film to address healthy food, this offering is great for young children (2+), parents, and caretakers. In the early morning screening, softer audio and dimmed lighting in the expansive IMAX® Theatre allow fresh minds to journey comfortably into this creative look at the world of healthy food. In connection with this film, a new exhibition opening March 12, Our Global Kitchen, also addresses the world of food and how it impacts our lives.  

Sponsored by Whole Foods Market and offered in conjunction with the exhibition Our Global Kitchen.

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