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A love story of two individuals was made official on August 21, 1949, when the price of gas was twenty- two cents and minimum wage was seventy-five cents in the United States. Isabel and Enrique Sanchez have been married for seventy years while living in San Antonio, Texas and have six kids together--four boys and two girls.

Enrique Sanchez was born in 1928 and previously lived in the eastern coast of Mexico with his mother and father, along with his nine siblings. He is the son of Adrian Sanchez, born in 1900 in San Antonio, who moved to Mexico to work in the oil industry and participated in the army during World War I. Enrique’s childhood consisted of playing his favorite sport, baseball, and watching the mysterious sea from his hometown. At 16 years-old in 1943, Mr. Sanchez moved to San Antonio with his family and started middle school at Lanier High School. Previously, Lanier was both a middle school and high school. At age 17, Mr. Sanchez started his first job as he joined the United States Navy and was assigned to a warship during 1945 through 1947.

Isabel Sanchez was born and raised in San Antonio in 1923. Mrs. Sanchez grew up with her mother as her role model and claims her mother made her have tougher skin. Her mother would tell her to wipe her tears away, do not get walked over, and to find a good man out in this world. Mrs. Sanchez had a big influence of music during her lifetime. Her grandfather was a musician and she remembers sitting on a tree trunk in her backyard and listening to her grandfather practice with his band. When asked what her favorite music was a child, she answered that she would listen to what was played on the radio while she was cleaning around her home. Mrs. Sanchez had her first job as a typist at Kelly Air Force Base. She would search for the information needed for parts that were required and missing from the airplanes.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez started as friends when they were first introduced and had their first date at a school dance, where Mr. Sanchez tried to steal a kiss. They continued to go on dates around town while taking the bus. Attending dances were some of their favorites dates as they could listen to music and dance together. Mrs. Sanchez explained that her husband’s manners, politeness, and handsome looks are what she immediately loved about him. Mr. Sanchez is extremely loving toward his wife and states that she is the only woman he has ever loved. Their marriage in August 21, 1949 was just the start of their lifelong love. The two together made a great pair when they began to have kids. Mr. Sanchez was the more strict, disciplinarian father and Mrs. Sanchez was the sweet, loving mother. They’re favorite memory as a family was taking vacations together and traveling every year. Mrs. Sanchez explained that she wanted her kids to see what was out in the world and not be limited to their hometown. One vacation they took together to see towns in Mexico and witness the conditions the towns were in at the time.

Mr. Sanchez is most proud of raising his children into good citizens and having them become educated and pursuing a college education. Wanting to give back to the community, they talked to the counselors of Lanier High School and concluded that their students needed a push and guidance going into higher education. Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez worked together to raise money to give out scholarships to the seniors at Lanier High School looking to go to college. Both Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez are advocates for higher education and believe parents need to be better informed about the future choices their children want to make in regards to education. Many first-generation students have limited help in applying for colleges or scholarships, and Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez want to help stop that cycle.

The love story of Isabel and Enrique Sanchez is one that many people dream of and strive for. Their love and generosity has touched many through the years and inspired many others to pursue their dreams and higher education. Their legacy will live on through the countless friendships and family they have made during their lives.

Anai “Ana” Rivera is a St. Mary’s University sophomore majoring in Forensic Science with a concentration in Criminology. Miss Rivera was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Her career goal is to be able to move to Houston, Texas and work for the Crime Scene Investigation team as well as move around the U.S. helping solve older, cold cases. Animal rights is also important to her. She recently became the vice president of the St. Mary’s club “For The Animals” and has a pug named Wrinkles.

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