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Everybody has a food preference. There's a place for everybody that satisfies their taste. I have a liking for sweet treats and overall, I am most fond of doughnuts. My favorite place to go get some doughnuts is Round Rock Donuts.

In 1926, Reinhold R. Moehring opened the Lone Star Bakery on Round Rock's main street. The bakery had few visitors and business was shaky so in the 1930s Moehring started experimenting with new recipes. In the early 1940's, Moehring completed a popular recipe for his Round Rock doughnuts and he worked with Mrs. Louise Johnson to create the famous Swedish Rye Bread. In 1943, Selma Erlanson bought the bakery. Three years later, Moehring bought it back and moved to a new location. Louise Johnson purchased the company in 1960 and then sold it to Charlie Baird in 1965. Later, the bakery was recognized in Texas Monthly for having the best doughnuts in the state.

We have to give credit to Moehring for making the recipe and the people who took ownership of the bakery for continuing the traditional recipe. Especially the baking staff who made the doughnuts. Even my mom can't make doughnuts as good as Round Rock Donuts can.

Round Rock Donuts really does have the best doughnuts in Texas! I think the reason for this is the pure genius of Reinhold R. Moehring. His recipe was and still is the foundation of this splendid bakery. If not for that recipe, this legend would never have been born and these doughnuts would never have entered my mouth. His expert baking skills are the reason the doughnuts are so good. It takes a baking legend to make a doughnut recipe that becomes famous at a state level!

My name is Nikit and I live in Round Rock, Texas. I've loved Round Rock Donuts since I first tasted them and still do to this day.

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