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In 2015, shortly after getting his pilot’s certificate, photographer Jay B Sauceda combined three of his passions — photography, flying, and Texas — and spent six days shooting the Texas border from thousands of feet above. 

As Sauceda tells it, he was frustrated by fence lines limiting what parts of the state he could see and photograph — and found flying to be a remedy. There was also something unique about seeing Texas from the air. “I thought it’d be really interesting to shoot the whole border of Texas from a plane…. It was just this amazing experience to see people living from that perspective and the blending of colors and changing landscape, knowing that there was going to be a plethora of really amazing things to see from that height.” 

Sauceda hopes that, if people take anything away from his project, “they see that there’s much more to this state. You can see how different each of the regions are. That’s what I think is so special about it.”

Editor's note: This short documentary was produced by the Bullock Museum for the exhibition Texas From Above, on view at the Bullock Museum January 26 – June 16, 2019.

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