Texas From Above

The Photographs of Jay B. Sauceda

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1 airplane. 1 pilot. 36 hours of flying time. 569.6 gallons of fuel. 44,000 photographs. The borders of Texas as you have never seen them before.

The 3,822 miles of Texas border lands and waters are at times breathtakingly beautiful, and at others, nuanced in shadow and starkness. Stunning large format aerial photographs and a first person diary from pilot Jay B. Sauceda bring the borders of Texas to life in this portrait of the state’s boundary lines.

In Sauceda’s photographs, you ... see beauty. You see it in the feathered gills of windblown arroyos, the alveoli of deltas. The skin of the earth is a living thing. You are struck by both the colossal force of change and its undeniable splendor, in a way that is both frightening and invigorating.Rick Bass, Author

Throughout the exhibition, visitors will explore the geography of the state through floor-to-ceiling graphics of images taken on Sauceda's journey. Smaller format, salon-style photos highlight the places that Sauceda landed — demonstrating the color, contrast, and uniqueness that can only be seen through a comparison of images side by side.

Digital and hands-on interactives will place visitors in the pilot seat with Jay B as he learns to fly and experiment with photographic methods. Whether navigating by sectional maps, discovering how virtual reality can help teach pilots to fly, or exploring the editing process that a photographer undertakes to select their final images, Texas From Above will immerse visitors not only in the beauty of the state, but in the process that one person took to capture that beauty.