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My name is Lille and this is my story of Texas. I have had a pretty exciting life but everything that has happened to me has all gone down to Texas, well most of it.

To start off Texas is a great state to live in, it has many many fun activities like Six Flags Over Texas, to aquariums and many family friendly things. Downtown Dallas is also outstanding. There are lights everywhere, big beautiful buildings and holidays are the best. Christmas is the time of year that Texas really makes you have the holiday spirit. Music, festivals, decorations, it's just amazing. One thing I would like to share with you are some crazy and amazing things that draw me to Texas! I have been in Texas almost my whole life, but I wasn't born here. I have always loved it here though every time that I am here I always have positive thoughts and It always feels like I belong here. On the other hand when I am at Gary, Indiana most of the time I am kinda sad because I am worried about my grandma but also happy that I am always able to see her and she is happy to see me. I love that I am able to see my grandma but I am always thinking about her age and how her time may come soon. When I am in Texas I have happy thoughts even when I think about her. That is my connection to Texas!

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