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“He has no pulse!” were the words that froze time on that still night in Kyle, Texas.

Detective Domingo Rodriguez happened to be working overtime this night when he noticed a truck slowly driving down the road. He claimed the truck appeared to be having some mechanical issues. After a few seconds the truck started to drift off the road towards the sidewalk, then finally coming to a stop after colliding with a road sign. Detective Rodriguez carefully watched the scene and waited for someone to exit the crashed vehicle. After several minutes passed by, his back up officer reported to the scene. Both officers slowly approached the truck and realized the driver was passed out behind the wheel and had no pulse. 

While waiting for the EMS to arrive, both officers acted quickly and performed CPR on the victim, saving his life. They were later informed that the victim had suffered from a heart attack and lost control of the vehicle. In result of his heroic act, Detective Rodriguez was awarded a medal of honor for saving a life. Although he was deemed a hero, he claimed that he was simply “doing [his] job.” Detective Rodriguez is from the small town of Elsa, Texas. Though many believe that being from a small city limits your ability to be successful, Detective Rodriguez is proof that anyone can make it in the Lonestar State. Texas is the perfect place for career- building and finding your passion like Detective Rodriguez did and many others have done. 

Savannah Alaniz is a freshman at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Tx and is currently studying Forensic Science (Criminology). She is currently in the FTA (For The Animals) club. She would like to thank her Mother for pushing her to do all things possible and she gives her mom credit for all her accomplishments. Being raised by a single parent gave Savannah a different perspective on the world and she continues to accomplish more things for her loving family.

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