German POW's in Mexia

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I first set foot at the State Supported Living Center in Mexia, Texas during an employee orientation where, during one of the breaks, I discovered a German POW museum.

The museum contained uniforms, letters, guns and personal items of the crew of a German submarine that beached their sub on the coast of Texas and surrendered to American authorities during WW2. This small museum was jam packed with memorabilia and other items from the German soldiers. It told the story of these German soldiers who were released to work in the fields of local farmers during the day and who would return to the POW camp during the evening. This is not how we envision a POW camp today. The stories of German soldiers and the Texas families add another dimension to our understanding of the many facets and impacts of WW2 on the world and America in particular. I urge you to read their stories for yourself and enjoy this journey through time.

Dr. Philip Rolland worked at the Mexia State Supported Living Center as a visiting consultant and spent many months exploring Texas history from a local perspective.

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