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Felix Sanchez is a Mexican American who lives in Harlingen, Texas. He is a retired salesman who used to work at Rainbow Baking as a sales person and marketer. And he also owned his own business called Felriberto Foods. Felix worked in the Rainbow Baking Company for more than twenty years and during this time he founded his own company. With the experience of the first company, he got the new company to work perfectly despite a late start. Felriberto Foods is so successful thanks to their way of managing the needs of and distributing goods to different restaurants, local gas stations, super markets, and community stores.

Felix Suarez is a 6 ft 5 inches tall 67-year-old man. He was born in Cholula, Puebla but emigrated to Texas at the age of 17. He is married to Luz Maria Suarez Aguilar who is from Tampico, Mexico. They have been married for 48 years. While Felix worked at the Rainbow Baking Company, Luz Maria was running the new company that her husband created, so that both of them could contribute to the household at the same time.

Felix grew up in a town called Atlixco, Puebla. When he turned fourteen years of age he realized how hard it was for his people to get good quality food in a poor town. When he emigrated to the U.S. he wanted to make sure that he would do the right thing by getting good quality food to local markets. By desiring this, he got the job at the perfect place. When he was hired by Rainbow Baking, he knew he was in the right place. With the experience he gained in that company he learned enough to know how to run a company very like Rainbow Baking. His new company makes many donations to charity foundations. He didn’t like watching his people consume low quality food. Now he is making up for it and ensuring that people with few resources get the quality food that they deserve.

Feliberto Foods is mainly based on basic, high quality foods — enough to make a whole county eat healthy, rich food. Felix's goal is not really to make much money out of the company. His main goal is to get people to eat healthy and to make the young children grow strong and healthy.

When I left Felix, I really felt that he was doing the greatest job there could be for someone his age. He shared his experience with me and I could understand very well what he had to go through to get to where he is right now. Not many people think the way he does. I felt very touched that he is trying to help the community. This is a great help for people who don’t have as much luck as we do at St. Mary's University.

Alejandro Santibanez is a St. Mary's University undergraduate student majoring in International Business in the Bill Grehey School of Business, class of 2021.

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