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Fiesta in San Antonio was Leandra Rodriguez’ favorite time of the year. Fiesta took place in April and usually lasted a week. It was a time to spend with family and friends. Fiesta is a festive time that celebrates the diverse heritage and culture of San Antonio. This festivity was also used to honor the fallen in the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. It first started as a parade but, over time, this event expanded to helping the community economically and celebrating the culture.

Some of the best moments of San Antonio are when Fiesta is being celebrated. it is a meaningful event because there are lots of people and most of the city is familiar with the event. Fiesta is meaningful because it has been created into a tradition among the family. All the people coming together brings a sense of unity within the community. The food, music, and entertainment are an attraction for families and, over many decades, families have been attending the festival creating both memories and traditions for years to come. 

Fiesta offers many food vendors and can be compared to a carnival with delicious turkey legs, cotton candy, and hot dogs. Fiesta also consists of Mexican food and treats such as Gorditas, corn in a cup, and churros. In this time, Fiesta has many things which make up its uniqueness such as the river rides, floats that come down the street, and the colorful streets which are lighted by the many rides and attractions. The nights are lively with live music and a multitude of lights of all different colors. The best food to eat at Fiesta are the turkey legs. They are massive and filled with lots of smoky flavors. The juicy tenderness oozes out as pieces are bitten off. The smoky smell of the burners and sizzling of fryers fill the air as the crowds of people fill the street. The screaming of children fades away as musicians play their instruments to the vast crowds of people. 

Going to Fiesta was one of my favorite events in San Antonio. All the delicious foods and having the opportunity to attend with my family gave us something to do. Spending time with my family is amazing and does not occur often but Fiesta gave us a chance to come closer by sharing our heritage and favorite foods in one place. The funniest moment from my childhood was walking through downtown to get to Fiesta. I am a very clumsy person who happened to walk into a light pole as I was not paying attention to where I was walking. This was one of the funniest moments because my family was there to see it all happen. Sharing moments and creating memories with my family is the best, Fiesta has helped encourage my family to go out and spend family time.

Seeing all the beautiful floats and parade of people shows me how much time and dedication has been put into this festival by many non-profit organizations. The festival is dedicated to honoring the fallen from the Alamo. Many floats come down the street that are dedicated to the battle. The night times are the best. Wonderful music is played on the river, bands float down the river at night and play to the people around them. The parade is another one of my favorite events because the floats beautifully decorated and there are horses and many dogs participating in the parade. My overall favorite float was when the Spurs won the NBA championship. Their float was beautifully decorated and I was happy my favorite basketball team had won a championship.  

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