Ahmed Juggles School, Job, and Business for Love of Texas

The Texas Story Project.

Hi Sir, how are you?

"Hi, I'm fine, thank you. How about yourself?"

Where are you from? 

"I'm originally from Saudi Arabia, but I live in Texas."

That's nice, for how long have you been in Texas? 

"I've been here for almost ten years. I used to live in Houston, Texas and I transferred to San Antonio because the business in San Antonio is better than Houston in my opinion."

What do you do in San Antonio? 

I'm a student and I work here at the same time. Plus I have my own business. At first, I was under pressure and frustrated because I realized that having three things at the same time needs some management. A couple of weeks later, I met a guy from San Antonio and he gave me good guidance. I noticed that he is a clever person and I felt comfortable talking to him. I started to tell him about my business and my school and how I was struggling. After that, while were discussing my situation, he said, "Nothing is easy in this life but in order to pass that you have to keep fighting and for sure there is a time when you will overcome all difficulties you faced."

How can you manage your time being a student, an employee, and a business owner at the same time? 

I don't have lots of classes at school and I work online so I don't have to be there physically. And the rest of the time, I spend it on my own business. I am not going to lie. At the beginning, it was hard, but after doing a little bit of research on Google, I started to divide my time and give each part its time. One week after, I saw that the way I was following was perfect and loved it.

Who supports you through your business? 

My wife. She understands everything and she really helps me by being with me all the time and taking care of my business if I am busy or if I go somewhere like visiting my family in Saudi Arabia. She has been supporting me since I started my business and I am very thankful for her. She is my source of inspiration and without her I consider myself nothing.

What is your favorite moment you have had in San Antonio, Texas? 

It's beautiful talking about this moment. My dream was to complete my education without closing my business when I transferred from Houston to here. So I started seriously thinking about it. Then I started building my business. It was hard managing the time between school, business, and job but I haven't lost confidence in my ability to succeed. Then I just made it. 

Do you have kids?

I've been married for 15 years, but I don't have kids. 

Can you tell me what is good in San Antonio, Texas.

San Antonio is like an international city which shows lots of cultures. When you walk in the street you will hear lots of different languages. You'll smell lots of different food because there are different people who came from different countries. I think this mix has made San Antonio special. Moreover, the weather here is amazing. I am saying this because I'm from Saudi Arabia which has weather very similar to San Antonio's weather. Finally, I'm accustomed to living in this beautiful city.

If you could go back in time, would you choose to come here?

Definitely, yes!  I'm saying this because I've visited lots of places around the United States, and here is where my heart fell in love.

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