A Texan's Favorite Place In Houston: The Rodeo

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I love the Rodeo.

It is a place of fun and excitement with awesome rides and attractions for everyone. The rodeo has games for my sister and me, and drinks for my Mom and Dad — and fun rides for all of us. Since something is always new at the rodeo each and every day, we never get bored of the same thing. The rodeo has a mix of animal races, a BBQ eating contest, and trail rides for everyone. Kids will have the experience to ride a little sheep and be a cowboy or cowgirl, and see how long you can stay on the animal. Kids especially love the rodeo because kids mostly like to see all the rides and animals.

Now, some of the food there may look really good, like pure beef and carmel apples, or look like a heart attack waiting to happen, like those fried candy bars or extra powdered funnel cake, or the food is just so big that you may just get full on the first bite, but it just looks so good. I think it's a good idea to come to the rodeo hungry, because you will leave with a satisfied stomach.

I also think it is really good that the concerts happen everyday with awesome singers. And the concerts aren't just country singers you haven't even heard of, so go check the lineup, you might just find your favorite artist performing at the rodeo.

The best part of the rodeo that everyone really loves is the roller coasters, fun houses, or games. Everyone loves the variety of rides the rodeo provides with little train rides for the little kids and great height rides for the older kids and adults. If you feel like crossing out a item on your bucket list, then go bungee jump at the rodeo from a great height. There are many rides for all the age groups with older in the back and younger in the front. You could say the Rodeo is a place for ultimate texas fun.

The last but not least, the Livestock show. The livestock show is full of cowboys and cowgirls showing off their skills of animal wrangling or riding. It is so much fun. Although sometimes it may be a little hard to watch sometimes, mostly because the cowboys are on their horses herding the bulls and they just look so angry like they are going to hurt the horses. It's just so action packed. Also before the concerts start in the arena, The wranglers come out and entertain the crowd while the show is being set up. When I went to the pitbull concert in the Nrg stadium, right before the show, a group of several teens from a rodeo foundation came and tried to wrangle the cows as entertainment. I thought it was really funny, because some of the teens got a cow but some of them were chasing them frantically around the ring. The rodeo brings out the true Texan in the people who attend it.

Denver Fowler absolutely loves the rodeo, and wrote this story about how the rodeo brings out the true Texan in all of us.

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