Your Role

Everything's bigger in Texas. Claim a bigger stake.

Texas has a long and proud history of citizen involvement in establishing, influencing, and supporting the government.

So how exactly can you become more involved as a citizen of this state?

Some Suggestions

  1. Observe politics in action. You can observe lawmaking from the House and Senate galleries. The architecture of the Capitol reflects the openness of the state business conducted inside. Stroll its wide corridors and open rotunda and view historic paintings, sculptures, and photographs.
  2. Vote in local and state-wide elections. Register to vote, research issues you care about, learn about where your local and state-level officials stand on those issues, and then head to the polls!
  3. Learn how Texas's past shapes our state's present and future by visiting the Bullock Texas State History Museum, located at 1800 Congress Avenue, just three blocks north of the Capitol.
  4. Share your Texas story with the Texas Story Project. Texas history doesn't just belong to the textbooks. You are Texas history, and we want to hear your story.