Governor's Office

Leading Texas from the second floor.

Walk through the Capitol Rotunda and you'll see the portraits of the men and two women who have held the office of President of the Republic or Governor of the State of Texas. 

Since the Constitution of the State of Texas was adopted in 1876, the office of the governor has remained relatively unchanged. An elected governor originally served two years per term. That term was extended to four years by voters in 1975. Unlike other states, Texas has no gubernatorial term limit. In order to be elected governor, a person must be at least thirty years old, have been a Texas resident for the five years preceding their run, and be a United States citizen.

Until the 1930s, the governor's office was located on the first floor of the Capitol and was fitted with pine or oak woodwork. The original office has been restored to its 1910 appearance and is now home to a member of the governor's staff. The sitting governor's office is currently located on the second floor of the Capitol.