Texas Soldier William P. Hardeman's Flask

A taste of comfort for a Texas soldier

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William P. Hardeman settled in Matagorda County with his immediate family in 1835 at the age of 19, and quickly joined the fight for independence. Nicknamed "Old Gotch," he fought in the Battle of Gonzales during the Texas Revolution, and except for brief interludes, spent the next thirty years as a soldier and Texas Ranger. He engaged in the Battle of Plum Creek and other significant fights with the Comanche. In 1846, he served under General Zachary Taylor during the U.S. War with Mexico.

During the Civil War, Hardeman rose to the rank of Brigadier General for the Confederacy and fought in New Mexico, Louisiana, and Tennessee. In his later years, he worked for the state of Texas in several positions, and helped found the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas (now Texas A&M University). This flask has been handed down through Hardeman’s family. It may have been purchased at the general store in Luling that was owned by Hardeman's brother. 

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Texas Soldier William P. Hardeman's Flask Artifact from Lullng, Caldwell County
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