Comanche War Bonnet

A symbol of power and authority

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Eagle feather headdresses, also called war bonnets, are traditionally a symbol of power and authority reserved for highly respected Native American men.

Eagle feathers are given to individuals to acknowledge or commemorate a significant accomplishment and must be earned. These accomplishments range from acts of valor during battle to actions that benefit the community as a whole. Once an individual has amassed enough eagle feathers, he can make a bonnet. The more feathers in a bonnet, the more accomplished the person.

This bonnet is made from Golden Eagle feathers. The feathers with brown tips and a greater amount of white are feathers from a young eagle. They represent strength. The feathers with a greater amount of brown are from an older eagle and represent wisdom. Kestrel and Red-tailed Hawk feathers hang from the sides.

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Comanche War Bonnet Artifact from Canyon
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