Youth Art Month

Take a Journey Through Art

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The Bullock Museum is pleased to once again host artworks created by some of Texas's most promising visual art students.

March is Youth Art Month, a nationally recognized program that emphasizes the value of art education for all children, encourages support for quality school art programs, and promotes the importance of art appreciation for all people. Sponsored in Texas by the Texas Art Education Association (TAEA), the state has been a leader in Youth Art Month celebrations since the program began in 1961.

The Bullock Museum gives its proud support to the state and the TAEA through this annual exhibition. Throughout the month of March, the Museum's Third Floor Austin Room is home to an exhibition of 100 pieces of student artwork created by K-12 students from across the state. Visitors will enjoy works in a variety of media that speak to Texas students' experience of the power of art to transform their lives.


Banner image credit: Nina Le, "Reflections," Youth Art Month State Capitol Exhibit, 2020.

Exhibit page image credit: Apurva Nair, "Glitched Portrait," Youth Art Month State Capitol Exhibit, 2020.