T. rex: The Ultimate Predator

Experience a jaw-dropping new look at the legend

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T. rex: The Ultimate Predator reveals the amazing story of the most iconic dinosaur in the world through stunning life-sized models, fossils and casts, and engaging interactives.

Everyone knows Tyrannosaurus rex. But did you know that T. rex hatchlings were fluffy and gangly, more like turkeys than the massive killing machines they grew up to be? Or that T. rex evolved from a large group of dinosaurs that were, for the most part, small, and fast? Or that the mega-predator had the rare ability to pulverize and digest bones? Organized by the American Museum of Natural History, the exhibition will introduce you to the entire tyrannosaur family. 

Startlingly vivid models and whoa!-inducing technology. The New York Times

Inside the Exhibition

Visitors to T. rex: The Ultimate Predator will encounter a massive life-sized model of a T. rex with patches of feathers—the definitive representation of this prehistoric predator. The exhibition features reconstructions of several T. rex hatchlings and a four-year-old juvenile T. rex. It includes many engaging media interactives for visitors of all ages. 

  • Explore the evolutionary tree of T. rex and meet its smaller, faster relatives.
  • Investigate how a vulnerable young T. rex grew up to be a massive adult.
  • Examine the features that allowed T. rex to dominate its competition.
  • Learn about the sensory abilities and social behaviors of this powerful hunter.

T. rex: The Ultimate Predator is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York (amnh.org).

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