Journey Into Big Bend

Explore the beauty and majesty of Big Bend National Park

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Journey into the timelessness of Big Bend through stories that connect people to this treasured National Park.

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the National Park Service, the Bullock Museum shines the spotlight on the Big Bend region with stunning photography, personal artifacts, and reflections from eight individuals who have protected, explored, adventured, and come to love this vast and valued ecosystem.

As the first swath of Texas land to be designated a National Park in 1944, Big Bend covers 800,000+ acres. Rich in Native American, Spanish colonial, and Texan history, and home to a diversity of flora and fauna, the park’s abundant resources and beauty, including waterfalls, canyons, rock formations, deserts, and wildlife, have been widely photographed. Journey Into Big Bend combines this stunning photography with archaeological finds, including a pterosaur wing and deinosuchus (gigantic crocodile) skull, and contemporary oral histories, ranging from a Mescalero Apache elder to a headline-making paleontologist to a photographer who photographed the park over two decades, to highlight Big Bend’s ancient and enduring lifecycle. The exhibition provides both an historic and contemporary view of one of Texas’ and the nation’s most beloved landscapes.

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Organized by the Bullock Texas State History Museum. Images courtesy of Big Bend Conservancy and National Parks Service. Banner image by Reine Wonite/NPS.