Augmented Reality: La Belle

Technology lets you see and interact with the 17th century ship

Augmented reality offers a new, exciting way to interact with the 17th century ship La Belle.

Inside the Experience

The most detailed digital version ever created of La Belle provides a glimpse of the ship that hasn't been possible in more than 300 years. Located on all three floors of the Museum's Texas History Galleries, the experience gives visitors the chance to see the ship life-size and under sail from a variety of angles and vistas.

Interact with the ship on large-scale monitors on the first and second floors:

  • Imagine what life was like onboard as you view a 360 degree view of the ship.
  • Explore the cargo hold and see what's below deck.
  • Adjust the sails for different weather conditions.
  • Fire the ship's cannons.

Peer through a spyglass on the third floor:

  • View the ship under sail from a variety of distances and perspectives.
  • Imagine that you are on a neighboring ship watching La Belle's approach.

About La Belle's New Reality

Augmented reality, known as AR, uses cameras and motion tracking to view the world as if looking through a camera lens, and then places digital elements over this real-world view to "augment" the space.

Thanks to the generous support of the Texas State History Museum Foundation, the Bullock Museum used AR to provide a one-of-a-kind visitor experience to engage with and examine La Belle as it looked before it sank.

Learn More About La Belle

La Belle is the central artifact in the Bullock Museum's first-floor galleries, and introduces new scholarship on early Texas history through the 17th-century ship, select original artifacts, and a multi-sensory film.

Support for the Bullock Museum's exhibitions and education programs is provided by the Texas State History Museum Foundation.