Maizie O's Longhorn Lounge


November 18, 2017 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Dive deep into an exhibition with performance and discussion in the gallery.

Program Details

Held in the gallery throughout the run of American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition this performance series builds upon the themes of the exhibition with intimate programs that facilitate conversation and learning amongst small groups. 

Please note: This program is located in the gallery, therefore, exhibit admission is required. An RSVP expresses your interest in the program but doesn’t guarantee at seat. Seating is limited but standing room is available.

About the Performance

What'll it be today, foot juice or jag juice? Skedaddle on back to north Texas in the Roaring 1920s, where the only thing dryer than Dallas County is the wit of sassy speakeasy owner Maizie O. Her clandestine, colorful Longhorn Lounge hides right in plain sight on the downtown drag, and if you manage to get in, you'll enjoy anything but a quiet drink. Maizie's got a huge laugh, and sure as shootin' she'll prattle your ear off over nonsense like the 18th Amendment, scoffing the law, and why every good Texan deserves a glass now and then. So if you're still in the dark over how to convert your pumpkin into a working distillery, hurry on over—yes, even you teetotalers. But, for the love of Mike, lower your voice at the door and do not, under any circumstances, ask about the chalkboard. The password is hatchetation!

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