H-E-B Free First Sunday: Weatherfest


February 4, 2018 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Keep weather on your radar at Austin's annual WeatherFest. Enjoy science experiments, a meteorologist Q&A, hands-on activities, and more!

Event Details

Join theBullock Texas State History Museum, Spectrum News Austin, and Girlstart for a FREE afternoon of family activities all about weather!

-Learn more about weather science to fly kites, make snow, look through spectroscopes, and much more!
-Visit numerous exhibitors for demonstrations, displays, and important safety information.
-Get your weather questions answered at Ask-A-Meteorologist with Spectrum News Austin's Weather on the 1s team

Enjoy FREE exhibition admission all day during Free First Sundays, held the first Sunday of every month. Families can explore the Story of Texas through three floors of exhibitions that showcase artifacts from around the state. Special family programs from 12-3 p.m. combine art creation, exploration stations, and gallery activities. 

H-E-B Free First Sundays Presented by

WeatherFest is presented in partnership by the Bullock Texas State History Museum and Spectrum News Austin.

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

The Bullock Museum is owned and operated by the State of Texas through the State Preservation Board. Additional support of exhibitions and programs is provided by the Museum's nonprofit partner, the Texas State History Museum Foundation.


About Family Activities
  • Cloud Viewing – Stratus, Cirrus, Cumulus! Have you ever wondered why clouds can look so different? Explore what causes various types of clouds to form in the layers of the atmosphere; then make your own viewers to observe clouds in the sky.
  • Green Screen - Report the weather as you channel your inner weather forecaster using Girlstart's unique green screen!
  • InstaSnow - Have you ever wanted to play with fluffy snow even though it’s warm outside? Snow is only created during freezing temperatures, but now you can create and play with your own InstaSnow and watch it fall to the ground before your eyes no matter how hot it is outside!
  • Kites - Let's go fly a kite! Build your own kite out of paper and explore how the force of lift can counteract drag and allow your kite to fly through the air.
  • Spectroscopes – ROY G BIV! Channel your inner physicist as you observe the different wavelengths of light that make the unique colors of a rainbow.
  • Sprinkler Protection – In case of a fire, most buildings are equipped with a sprinkler system that helps extinguish the fire. Engineer a device prototype that can protect your valuables from sprinkler water damage.
  • Wind Bag – Explore the findings of scientist Daniel Bernoulli and amaze your friends by using a single breath of air to fill a large bag.
About Exhibitors
  • Austin Astronomical Society – safe viewing of the sun via telescope with solar filter, weather-permitting
  • Austin Fire Dept. Swift Water Rescue & Wildfire – demo of water rescue boat, safety tips about wildfires
  • USGS – demonstration of flood/stream monitoring gear
  • NOAA National Weather Service – tornado demonstration, NOAA safety handouts and more
  • Central Texas Engineering & DR. RICK McMASTER  -- Van de Graaff generator demo
  • City of Austin Watershed Protection – flash flood simulator + flood poster contest art
  • Texas Floodplain Managers Association – “Tammy the TADDpole” character gives out handouts, coloring books and activities related to flash flooding