High Noon Talk: Gulf Coast Artificial Reef Program


August 7, 2024 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Discover how artificial reefs are enhancing marine life in the Gulf.

Event Details

Take a mid-day break with our High Noon Talks! Get ready to discover interesting, and often untold, stories of Texas at our casual lunchtime talk series.

Join us for a presentation from Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Lindsey Savage, Restoration and Artificial Reef Team Lead, Lindsey Savage, that explores the history and importance of artificial reefs in the Gulf of Mexico. Learn about how Lindsey and her team support thousands of plant and animal species that need hard surfaces to cling to in order to complete their life cycles.

The Texas Artificial Reef Program (ARP), created in 1990 as a program within Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Coastal Fisheries Division, promotes, develops, maintains, monitors, and enhances the artificial reef potential of Texas offshore waters. Working with its partners, the Texas Artificial Reef Program is taking a lead in the development of reefs in the Gulf and funding research that will aid the national reefing community in protecting and conserving marine resources.

Program is FREE to the public.

This program is available as an on-demand recording for CPE credit. To get access to the link and a certificate email Education@thestoryoftexas.com.

About the Presenter

Lindsey Savage holds a bachelor of science in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University and a master of science in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, where she studied oyster restoration using alternative materials.

Lindsey moved to Thailand in 2014, where she earned various professional scuba diving certifications. In 2016, she joined Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Habitat Assessment Team, contributing to the mapping of Texas bay systems with sonar technology. Her impactful work on this team involved managing and implementing large habitat restoration projects, resulting in the restoration of over 150 acres of habitat. Currently leading the Restoration and Artificial Reef Team, Lindsey oversees a dedicated staff responsible for coordinating and executing estuarine restoration as well as nearshore and offshore artificial reef projects.

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