High Noon Talk: Women in Texas History


December 4, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Experience a sprawling history told through intimate personal narratives.   

Program Details

Held on the first Wednesday of every month, High Noon Talks highlight interesting and often untold topics through this casual lunch-time lecture.

In recent decades, a small but growing number of historians have dedicated their tireless attention to analyzing the role of women in Texas history. Each contribution—and there have been many—represents a brick in the wall of new Texas history. From early Native societies to astronauts, the book Women in Texas History assembles those bricks into a carefully crafted structure as the first book to cover the full scope of Texas women’s history. Join author and historian, Angela Boswell to hear about the book and how she uses three broad themes to tie together the narrative of women in Texas history.  


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