World Refugee Day 2016

The Austin Celebration of the Annual United Nations World Refugee Day

Whether their journey is 100 miles or 1,000, refugees all have a unique and individual story to tell. Each year in June, the Bullock Museum hosts the Austin celebration of World Refugee Day, a festive family event that features educational activities, food, and entertainment. Welcome America's newest citizens as refugees from around the world receive American citizenship during an official naturalization ceremony.

The United Nations established World Refugee Day to recognize the courage, resilience, and strength of refugee families and individuals who have fled their home countries because of conflict and persecution. Sponsored by the Bullock Museum, Interfaith Action of Central Texas, and member organizations of the Austin Refugee Roundtable, World Refugee Day highlights the plight of those fleeing their home country due to religious or political persecution. More than 1,000 refugees from nearly 30 countries come to Austin each year to start a new life.

The Austin World Refugee Day celebration is free and open to the public.