Wild Africa 3D

Journey through the wildest continent on Earth

Take the safari adventure of a lifetime in the BBC Earth documentary, Wild Africa, now playing at the Bullock Texas State History Museum IMAX® Theatre. Narrated by Helena Bonham Carter (The Kings Speech, Alice in Wonderland, Fight Club), the film is co-directed by Emmy-winning Patrick Morris (LIFE, Yellowstone), Neil Nightingale (Walking With Dinosaurs) and Giant Screen director Mike Slee.  

Wild Africa takes audiences on a spectacular journey across, over, and through the magical realms of the wildest continent on earth. Audiences will be plunged into fantastic places and meet amazing creatures, discovering the fascinating secrets of this incredible world. 

See Africa on-screen like never before from the highest snow-covered mountains in Kenya, along great rivers, into steamy rainforests and wide-open savannahs. It reveals the striking contrast of stunning deserts beside wild oceans and dives into the sunlit abundance of the coral reefs. In a final, epic giant screen experience the movie chases the great rains of the African summer storms that annually bring life to the magnificent continent.

As one of the most ambitious 3D nature films ever to grace the screen, it combines Hollywood techniques with the best in nature filmmaking and storytelling. Wild Africa uses cutting edge 3D technology to transport audiences from the movie theatre into the heart of Africa to meet its unforgettable wildlife.

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