Motivating Force of an FBI Special Agent

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Integrity, the state of being whole and undivided, is a moral compass implanted in a person’s character that enhances the quality and soundness of one’s life and world around them.  Jessica Triola, who is an FBI special agent, has been working as an agent for almost 9 years in the San Antonio division and enjoys the time and effort she constantly puts into making a positive impact in her community and the nation. She emphasized the importance of integrity and how it is an essential feature to have working for the FBI, as it is a core value in maintaining their reputation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a tight-knit community made up of many units that work behind the scenes and in the field. Every single person is crucial to an overall mission of courageously serving everyday people in a loyal and just way. Agent Triola was born and raised in Texas and has made a special relationship with Texas as it is her life’s main headquarter.

Having aspirations to be a part of the FBI since middle school, Triola pursued college education earning her bachelor’s degree in English and minor in Criminal Justice at Texas State University, as well as a master’s degree in International Relations with a focus on Criminal Justice Crime Control at St. Mary’s University. Triola gained as much experience as possible on her journey to becoming an FBI agent and overcame many challenges with perseverance and support from her family. Triola’s family is what connects her to a meaningful life, and their support has been vital to her strength and success in achieving her FBI career dreams. She has learned from them that her actions project an image which her community will see. This mindset has followed her to her career in the FBI since everything she does represents and upholds the image of what the FBI constitutes.

She hopes her work and her ability to achieve her dreams inspire the youth and women interested in law enforcement. She strives to be a role model to children and women in Texas, helping them to open their eyes and notice their potential to impact their community for the better. Triola advises those pursuing this career path to always work really hard knowing things will not just be handed to you. Her advice is to have a calling to pursue this field, have a strong support system and foundation of faith, and gain as much as experience as possible.

Arieana Garcia is working toward a bachelor’s degree for Forensic Science Criminology at St. Mary’s University San Antonio, Texas. She upholds the title of being a first-generation college student in her family and works hard to be a role model to her younger siblings and relatives. Her career ambitions are to work in law enforcement as a crime scene investigator and work her way up to a captain of a homicide department.

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