It's Fiesta Time!

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My family had planned a three-day trip to see the campus of St. Mary's University as well as to get familiar with the city of San Antonio.

On the first day, my family and I went to visit the campus. As we walked around, I couldn't help but notice some colorful decorations being set up. My curiosity got the best of me and I asked the student conducting the tour what it was all about. The helpful stranger told us that it was for Oyster Bake. Since we weren’t from San Antonio, I asked what Oyster Bake was. He replied that it was part of Fiesta. As he told us, I used the little Spanish I had learned from school to recall that "fiesta" translated to "party". For the rest of the campus visit, I could not think of anything else but Fiesta. The way in which the student said "Fiesta" made it sound like everyone knew about it. When we got to the hotel, I started researching and found out that it was a week-long festival with a lot of parades. Lucky for us, that festival would be going on while we were visiting.

When it came time to eat, my whole family was overwhelmed with all the choices. Thankfully, a couple of strangers who saw our faces of total confusion recommended that we eat some tacos from one of the booths we had passed. Let me tell you, no tacos I have ever tried in Missouri have ever been as tasty and delicious as the ones I tried that day. For dessert, we walked a little further and found fruit kabobs with chile on them.

The last day of our visit in San Antonio consisted of going to as many tourist attractions as we could. That included the Riverwalk, the Alamo; pretty much all the things that people come down to do and see when they are in San Antonio. Just like that, our trip ended and it was back to St. Louis, Missouri. I believe that trip was what pushed me to choose St. Mary's over the other schools that I had applied and was accepted to. That feeling of being in a tight knit community was one that was unique to the city of San Antonio as well as the University. The atmosphere that I got to experience on this trip was one that I would not mind being in for the foreseeable future. I really cannot wait to get to experience Fiesta all over again. And this time I will get to be there for the whole duration of the festival.

Andres Sebastian Garcia, freshman at St. Mary's University, is majoring in political science.

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